Sunday, November 15, 2009
With 22,000 pre-designed project templates to choose from, it's easy to start your next project from scratch. The Print Shop Pro Publisher Deluxe features flexible design and layout tools, more than 850 fonts, a complete logo creator, and several professional quality printing options that will help you tailor your projects to your precise needs.
Features are listed below:
  • Gives you all the tools you need to design and publish professional business materials, Web pages, and more
  • Includes 22,000 pre-designed project templates, 850 fonts, and more than 400,000 premium images, including 5,000 Getty images
  • Convenient PDF tool lets you easily convert your projects and images into PDF files for easy sharing and printing
  • Advanced HTML features include dynamic web templates, rollover effects, hotspots, online form creation and spell check
  • Create and edit vector art, create 3-D shapes, add 3-D texture effects, and even draw using pastel, charcoal and watercolor


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